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    Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. It specializes in the manufacture, research&develop and marketing. The company covers an area of more 40,000 square meters and has more than 1,000 employees. JUNON is our own brand which are well known and find a ready sale both in domestic and oversea markets. Our product lines include the switch&socket, lighting fixture, distribution box, multimedia wiring box and miniature circuit breaker.
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    Switch Sockets
    Switch socket is a small home improvement will not be a part of people's quality of life with the constant pursuit of a small switch socket in addition to have a good quality, the style of innovation is also more and more attention. "Handsome" switch socket adhering to the "handsome" technology innovation, to break the traditional routine, brought out the "different space, different mix and match" the new concept.
  • LED Lighting
    JUNON's lED has some advantages of long life, no UV or IR Radiation,no light pollution, With the good performance on high luminous efficiency and color rendering index. Base on our professional R&D dept. to pay more focus on the product structure, which make our products more safety. According to our rich experience we can offer you the attentive solution for your city and your family.
  • Distribution Box
    Distribution box for a firm structure and pressure stability, connection mode closed, set-up very easily, make the electrical power distribution installation more easy, more safety and reliable. At the same time, clear identification and automatic open means, more comfortable and more convenient to use.
  • Circuit Breaker
    Low voltage electrical products, with excellent performance, deeply electrical designer and the vast majority of the user's trust and favor. "Handsome" miniature circuit breaker used many unique advanced technology, innovation and fusion of human body engineering, not only make the product performance is improved, also make it more humane, more press close to life.
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    Electrical Accessories
    The first positioning in high-end brand "safe" electrician "JUNON jun lang" has become synonymous with "electrical safety". And with the category strategy as the south market of regional strong brand and quickly become a national brand.
  • Application
    In "China's security and practical electric appliance products" for the purpose, to "create first-class brand, build first-class enterprise" as the goal, to "the customer is supreme, leading technology, full participation, excellence" for the idea.